Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well that explains it!

Wish I had taken a look at the magazine's name, all I know is it was October 2010. But they had an article that explains a lot. It was a survey and one of the questions was who is Emily Post. Thankfully most people didn't say the owner of a cereal company but more then 60% of "younger" readers 18-34 didn't know who she was.

That really explains a lot. I'm not saying that these readers don't have manners. If you need to write a thank you note, the internet is a great resource and if you type in manners into yahoo's search engine Miss Manners and Emily Post are on the first page. The question is, do you know when to write a thank you note?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do you really think you're more important then the person next to you?

You do - THEN STOP IT!
We are all important.
So, stop showing us your bad behavior.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Whose the bigger fool?

There is a new show on MSNBC. I fully intended to take a look at the Lawrence O'Donnell's new show. His first night he had the VP of the US as his guest. Well, I've changed my mind. Watching "Morning Joe" on Wednesday (which I've stopped watching as of the end of last week, check an up coming post for the reason) they showed a clip of Mr. O'Donnell's guest, Levi Johnson. Are you kidding me? This "serious" MSNBC show had Levi Johnson on the night after the VP? I didn't think you could fall, that far, that fast.

Most know Levi is running for mayor of Wasilla AK. Why he is running? Not sure anyone has really ascertained the reason. Levi has yet to finish high school, which I think, in this day and age the laws should be change to not only to age but high school / GED education requirements for public office. That aside...

Comparing Larry and Levi in a mental show down, Levi is woefully unarmed. There is no way this ever was going to be a fair fight. Gentleman engage in fair fights, Larry.
But for Mr. O'Donnell to sit back and let both barrels of his wit, worldliness, and education at Levi was crazy. It was like someone shooting fish in a barrel, where's the sport?

Morning Joe called it embarrassing, I agree just not with the person they were embarrassed for. I was embarrassed for a grown man feeling he had to show up a much younger man from a small town with out a complete formal education. I was also embarrassed for this grown man to even have invited this much younger, less worldly "boy" onto his program only to show us what we already knew.

So, I've learned Mr. O'Donnell doesn't fight fair. Mr. O'Donnell did you pull little girls pig tails when you were in grade school? Did you hit kids with glasses? Why not pick on someone your own mental size? I would hate to think how else he doesn't play fair, or maybe that is just the DC way?

My question, who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the man who show us how much a fool the fool is