Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wimbledon - Tradition vs "fuddy duddy"

Watching the news this week you might have heard a story or two of Wimbledon.

Tradition is very important in English society, Wimbledon included. In the linked article there are two interesting paragraphs toward the end, indicating tradition is important but technology has been embraced.

Tradition and technology do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can compliment each other. We don't have to throw away tradition to be modern, incorporating the best from the past with the best of now. Tennis whites with ball following technology is a great example.

As for the press on the ladies tennis outfits. I don't have a problem with the outfits for personal experession, but at what cost to tradition? Then the question of, Why? What are you trying to prove? I think it's a good conversation of our modern society, the good of the one being more important then the many. This also applies to this crazy grunting trend. Trying to get into the mind of our opponent? Guess what, gig is up we all know the trick!

Let's not throw out tradition with out great consideration, once it's gone it is gone and is there something better replacing it?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change can be good

There are a lot of elegant women out there and I think it would be good to hear from them.

The comments settings of this blog have been enabled. This blog will be so much full with the input of elegant women.

Let's start talking.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Women in business

Why did I post this picture? This is one of my most favorite pictures. I took it at the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle. Look carefully, do you see the flowers on the drafting table? Yup, that is a female drafter in 1927!

What sparked this post? Morning Joe. Arianna Huffington was on and they were talking about Mika's new book. The best comment comes from Donny Deutsch. I have the link below. Start at 3:43 and listen to Donny.

Mr. Deutsch makes the comment that *gasp* men and women are different and when in the work place why not embrace the differences? Now, no one is saying to flirt or dress sexy but men and women are different.

There have been books upon books about women in business, feminism, women liberation etc.. There is no way I can cover this in one blog posting.

Women's liberation is not true liberation if we need to 'act' like men while in the office.

Here is another shocker, we are not all equal. Women's equality is a misnomer. All we should really want is equality in opportunity because as Mr. Deutsch said we are not equal. Women are not equal with each other nor are we equal to men. We are all individuals and we all have skills beyond the person beside us but that person beside us has skills we wont have or develop.

Being in a male dominated business, I found most of the issue came from women. For some unknown reason women are harder on other women then most men. Could it be other women make most women feel insecure, they are prettier, smarter, or got the promotion we thought was ours? Like I said earlier I cant conquer this topic in one blog post.

Just remember, being a women in the business world isn't a handicap!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do you eat pizza?

Looking at this picture nothing looks really out of place. Two famous people eating pizza in NYC. Look closer - a scandal has erupted! A grave sin was committed.

Mr.Donald Trump, a NYC'er to the core, or so we thought, is eating his pizza, WITH A FORK! How will he ever live this scandal down? This was so horrible that Mr. Trump actually issued a statement.

I think this is just so funny. And in these gray times, when the only news we hear are politicians denigrating themselves and each others, mother's being charged with the death of the dear baby and the recession. By now, the only double dip I want to hear about is at the ice cream shop. So, this "story" just brought a smile.

In reality, I eat my pizza with a fork and knife and *gasp* I was born in NY - just the other side. Here is another *gasp*, they eat pizza in Italy with silverware (plastic ware).

When I saw the picture I figured, "Heck, why take a chance of getting pizza on your custom suit or who needs pizza cheese slapping them on the chin". In reality, Donald Trump couldn't get it right if he tried. If he ate the pizza like a NY'er you'd be all "Yuck, did he wash his hands?" or "That is just not classy". Oh well.

John Stewart was so funny. I thought his staff was going to need to call for medical attention by the time he was done with his tirade. I was laughing so hard watching Mr. Stewart I thought I might need medical attention - here is a link from the LA Times. Enjoy.