Friday, June 3, 2011

Women in business

Why did I post this picture? This is one of my most favorite pictures. I took it at the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle. Look carefully, do you see the flowers on the drafting table? Yup, that is a female drafter in 1927!

What sparked this post? Morning Joe. Arianna Huffington was on and they were talking about Mika's new book. The best comment comes from Donny Deutsch. I have the link below. Start at 3:43 and listen to Donny.

Mr. Deutsch makes the comment that *gasp* men and women are different and when in the work place why not embrace the differences? Now, no one is saying to flirt or dress sexy but men and women are different.

There have been books upon books about women in business, feminism, women liberation etc.. There is no way I can cover this in one blog posting.

Women's liberation is not true liberation if we need to 'act' like men while in the office.

Here is another shocker, we are not all equal. Women's equality is a misnomer. All we should really want is equality in opportunity because as Mr. Deutsch said we are not equal. Women are not equal with each other nor are we equal to men. We are all individuals and we all have skills beyond the person beside us but that person beside us has skills we wont have or develop.

Being in a male dominated business, I found most of the issue came from women. For some unknown reason women are harder on other women then most men. Could it be other women make most women feel insecure, they are prettier, smarter, or got the promotion we thought was ours? Like I said earlier I cant conquer this topic in one blog post.

Just remember, being a women in the business world isn't a handicap!

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