Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lesson Learned


Yes I know its been quite a while. But I must share a most humbling feeling I have received quite recently...

Quickly, Yea I have a new job and God has smiled on me a little. I have a new job, a very fun job, making more money from the last job. Yes, money isn't everything, but I found out my old company "did me dirty", they laid me off to hire some one in San Francisco. Oh well, their loss. I am loyal, like a labrador retriever, but they didn't see it and decided that they were going to eliminate the Seattle position.

I am truly better off in the end and I might blog about it later but tonight I got my "come-upance".

Let me explain. A good friend of mine, I mean, If I had a sister I wish it would have been her, is getting married. I can not make her wedding Some might say I am not trying hard enough, call me! Moving on. She deserves a good, practical, usable gift. I thought a vacuum cleaner would be most beneficial. Personally the Oreck has done me well over the years! (oh stop with the "that isn't proper english"). Here is the issue:

We moved in 2008 and my mother-in-law (say anything bad and you'll be wrong) sent me an Oreck on my birthday - October, we moved in March. I need a vacuum and know how wonderful the Oreck was we went right to the store and purchased one. How did I know it was wonderful, my amazing mother-in-law gave me one years ago, when I had shag carpet, in my rented apartment.

Anyway , my birthday rolls around and what shows up on my porch an Oreck box! I hit the roof. My mother-in-law sent me a vacuum on my birthday, really! Into a closet that gift went! unopened.

Nearly four (4) year later my "I wish she was my sister' gets married. My un-elegant mind goes " HUM unused Oreck, still in the box, great gift". Stupid me!

I go to the Oreck website, they have changed the design. I cant send an old unused vacuum to such a sweet person. I proceed not listening to my heart.

Planning to put a card into the box I open it. Knowing that Hello Kitty is our "little secret", I was going to place a sticker on the vacuum.

OMG! When I open the box. First, Oreck has changed the style. How can I send an old style to my sweet friend? Second, my mother-in-law didn't insult me by sending me a vacuum on my birthday, no she sent me the top of the line. What a heel am !?!?!?

Three year later I see my mistake. I feel horrible! I then realize that was the old me. The me, truthfully, I didn't like very much. The developed me wouldn't have thought that way, nor behaved that way.

Sometime our past haunts us!

BTW, to end the story. She still needs a vacuum. She is getting the upright, the handheld and the bags to keep her going. And don't ask how much I/We put in her card :)