Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ponderable ...

"We eat with our eyes" from Anne Burrell on her Food-TV show "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef".

This got me thinking. In fact the comment was more along the line of "If it looks great, we think it will taste great".

So, if we were a plate of food would we 1. Only look good, with no good flavor 2.Taste great (good personality) but not that attractive 3. The whole package

It's only human to judge with our eyes. There are things we can not or should not change. The challenge is to find your best features, accentuate the positive and minimize the not so positive.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Great, Wonderful - A must read!

kandee the make-up artist: No power to the Haters!: "'is this hater worth giving away my happiness to them?'....NO WAY!On Youtube, yesterday one of my 'due date' videos got featured on the home..."

5 things to know when visiting Seattle

After the holidays our minds now wander to summer vacation. If you were thinking about visiting Seattle there are 5 things you should know.

1. Obey the crosswalk signal. That is the quickest way for us to tell who the tourist are. Plus, you can get ticketed. Welcome to Seattle.

2. If your driving the metroplex, don't use your horn, you'll scare the locals. Seattlites are very nice, if not a bit absent minded, drivers.

3. We don't want to hear about the weather. We know it's raining and we know you're surprised when its sunny and beautiful. This is called the emerald city and not because were grow moss.

4. If it is 'wet', umbrella's really arn't necessary unless it's raining. Drizzle is not rain.

5. Seattlites aren't 'cold' by nature. They are simply coming off their caffeine high.

Extra, when packing think about layers. The first weekend after I moved to Seattle, in April, I had 4 seasons of weather in one day. Yes, rain, snow, hail, sun and muggy.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dumbest Article for 2010

Dumbest Article of 2010

Before we start this is a very long post - more then 1,000 words.

This is my nomination of the dumbest article in regards to women's elegance. In all actuality it is a very mean article - almost like it was written by a girl afraid of ageing. This article is not empowering to women. The tone of the article is more like 'I am tired of looking at all you 'old' frumpy women, would you do something about it?"

First, Ashley Macha, if the internet is correct, is a 20 something writing about something she knows nothing about and her world of middle aged roll models is probably limited. Plus, referencing one book, one author is lazy journalism. Ms. Macha it seems you didn't like this assignment.

Before we start, I am not a middle aged women. I am also not in my 20's and I am thankful that I am not 20. It takes a girl, till she is in her 30's before she has come into the idea of who she is, no longer being pushed and pulled. Sadly, there are a lot of 50 year old girls running around the world.

Yes, there is a difference between a women and a girl and the difference is maturity and that is only gained with time and experience.

There were only two issues that I practically agreed with Ms. Macha: 1. Women don't have to cut their hair off at a specific age. At any age a women's hair should be of a good cut and color and flattering to the face. 2. Cosmetic surgery, at one time it was called plastic surgery and for a reason. Women at any age need to take care of their skin. Cosmetic surgery can make a women not look natural and even make her look worse because you know she has had work done.

Within the first paragraph "Getting older is a drag, and middle age is particularly fraught with tension". Are you kidding me? Getting older is not a drag, reading articles written by girls is a drag. "Fraught with tension", most women over 40 are very happy with their age. They know who they are and what they want, or they should.

Next, "aging often requires change, but most women don’t want to move to a frumpy town called Middle Age...". If you don't change then are not maturing. Ms. Macha, I know a lot 20 something's that have lived their whole life in "Frumpy Town", because they wear whatever they want even though it is not body flattering but it is what they are told to wear in a magazine without a sense of who they are, how they look to others and are only interested in "comfort".

"Few people look as attractive in middle age as they did in their younger years" This one set me off. It made me angry and few things make me angry. I looked better than I did in my 20's. Hey, Ashley! every hear the saying "God gave you the face you had at 20, you've earned the face you have a 40"? Women look so much better in their 30's and later then in the 20's. In the 30's they have something interesting to look at. Looking at a Barbie is fine for a few moments, but a women with age, not only is her face beautiful but she has experience and an air of mystery. Hum, wonder why we've had the conversation of cougars? I would never compare myself now, with my 20 something self. I am much more interesting. I am stronger, more stable, elegant, and lovely. I am proud of my achievements from all of my hard work. I see a picture of myself in my 20's I remember how unsure I was, scared of most everything. I look at 'me' and am happy I had enough sense to work hard and strive to be better at everything. Not thinking that the 20's are the best time of my life and it will be all downhill from 30 on ward.

"The rest of us need to invest in clothing that’s a bit more, well, constructed" DUH! Every elegant women understands that you need to invest in looking good. Only those who in their 20's dressed from frumpy town have to be told this. A women knows what flatters her shape and is not at the mercy and whim of Madison ave.. Trendy pieces added to good quality, well made make a women unforgettable.

The next few points made in the article are valid, but mean, she is talking down to the reader. "Don't do this" is written a lot. Plus, the words "what worked in your 20's and 30's", like 'haven't you looked at yourself in a mirror of the past 20 years" or to give her the benefit of the doubt Ashley, "you've been so busy taking care of bratty child like me you've let yourself go and I am embarrassed to be seen in the mall with you.

"Settling for a boring sex life
Our culture tends to sell the message that young equals sexy, but you don’t have to buy into it.

You should have the confidence and freedom to dress and feel as sexy as you want to, and explore your sexual needs as well." ARGH there is so much wrong with this I just can't handle even addressing this horrible entry - other then - What kind of repressed women do you know? BTW, elegant women understand great sex is great for their complexion - love that glow.
The very last point in the article fits with my post "DUH". Wearing the wrong bra. Ashley, that applies to ALL WOMEN past puberty. I don't like seeing some women in the wrong bra or going without a bra. Remember, lingerie is worn to make you feel wonderful and feminine.

After all this - women are like wine. No really. Most wine is good after some ageing and some wine cannot stand up to ageing that will make other wines even more stunning.