Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

As a women getting her MBA in sustainability I should be all all about earth day started in 1970. To tell the truth, I think it's been commercialized.

My comments on earth day:


Buy green but BUY LESS!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dressing your age

Public transport offers interesting people watching today was a doozy.

This lady was in front of me walking to the train. She had beautiful legs, sheer black nylons and classic low black heels. Her legs were not the first thing I noticed. Sadly,it was her gate, her stride, her walk. It was overtly manly, not a bit of gracefulness.

Then she started to run for the elevator(that still has me baffled at that move). As she started running her heals they started dragging on the ground. I'll do a post later on the horrid noise women make walking in heals, but that's later.

The rest of the outfit, well let me say this there is vintage and there is frugal but if you still can wear the same dress you bought at Fashion Bug 30 years ago - DON'T. It was not good quality to start with and now that your almost 50, it's not age appropriate.

This women looked over 50. Her hair style was early 80's and so was the dress. She obviously was interested in her appearance but she had gotten stuck in a time warp.

Dressing vintage is hard enough not to look like a cartoon character. Looking classic and timeless. I'm trying to think hard what was classic and timeless in the 1970's and 1980's. There were things but those decades were fun, hippie and over the top. Maybe in another 10 years well be able to look at those eras and find pieces like we are now with the 1960's.

We may fall in love with a decade and it's style but just as we mature as people our wardrobe must reflect that maturing. Not getting old but maturing, refining, I think is a better word, yes: I am not maturing I am refining!

With all of that one thing it was good to see someone with an interesting personal style.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I just don't understand

The office building I am in has more the 5,000 people in it. I get to see female executives, lawyers and secretaries. The trend I don't understand is expensive handbags and cheap clothing. Do they think the handbag, fake or real, makes the clothing look better? (The whole idea of fake anything will be covered at a different time.)

Today, I was going up the escalator and the woman in front of me were not dressed in any way that was elegant. The pants, I currently am on a skirt kick I just don't think pants look good on women unless they are tailored and wide-legged, that aside, the material of the pants was cheap, the cut - unflattering. The one was carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag, I didn't look hard enough to see if it was real, but it looked so out of place. Especially since this women also had stringy hair that hadn't been attended to in a while, ie. washing. Not to pick on this women, she is just an example that I see all the time. I've actually seen it the opposite. A women with tailor clothing, beautiful hair and nails very much attention to detail except for her shoes and or her purse.

Think about the overall look. That expensive handbag looked out of place. The friend with that women had the same type of outfit but her handbag was a cute artistic bag. It looked correct with outfit the overall casual look.

We've heard the advice of mixing real jewelry with costume jewelry, you can combine expensive clothing with cheaper clothing for a great outfit. But only one great piece can't carry the whole outfit.

We can't be 'on' all the time. There are days we might be less motivated to make a complete look ( except those are the days something happens you wish you spent the time) but carrying an expensive bag isn't 'fooling' anyone. It looks more like a teenager who is borrowing her mother's bag.

Another thing I can't figure out is the west coast obsession with Coach. I have two coach bags. I like them they are leather, one red and one pink. What I don't understand are the ones with the logo all over it. Do you have to announce you are carrying a Coach - "look at me"? I know the style is created by the company but if they didn't sell the company would stop production on that style.

The whole point of personal style is - personal. Not "the lady carrying the Coach bag" because that is all they can remember of you. You should be more memorable than just your handbag.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sen. Charles Schumer

It seems that I have take on men as often as I do women for their bad behavior. Or at least male politians. Are we not teaching our sons how to behave like a productive member of society?

Michael Berry is very upset about the comments made by the Senator. How do you feel about them? Have you heard his comments?

New York has been awarded a space shuttle and Houston has not. Personnal I was stunned, Houston is the only natural location, in my mind.

To have the Senator come out with these comments. Then again, Michael Berry has called for a boycott of all things New York. Should the whole state of New York be punished for the words of one man? Any intelligent person who wears the childish comment from the Senator realized he made a backside of himself. Didn't we learn anything from "Freedom Fries"? Or do we all wish to make butts of ourselves?

Senator the best part of valor is not to 'rub their noses in it". Senator, when people think of NASA, they don't think of New York.


What's your dress size? Am I not to ask that? Did I hit a sensitive spot?

How much to do weight? Another question I shouldn't be asking?

How much did you spend on that?

What was your GPA? Any clue what you IQ might be?

Out of all those numbers which one would be a better indicator of an interesting person? A well rounded person? Someone I might like to get to know?

Would you be a nicer person if you lost 5, 10, 20 lbs?

We are obsessed with numbers.

I am more than my numbers, much more.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We've all been told a scarf adds panache.

I think the image of Mika Brzezinski shows there is more then just adding a scarf.

We all have misses. Having it pointed out is painful and embrassing especailly since I think we all know when we have a miss. To bad we dont come to that realization till about an hour after getting to our final destination. And even if no one says anything to us we just cant wait to get home and change the look and make a note never to do that look again.

There isn't anything wrong with Mika's look,for a start but it just is not finished. It actually looks like she forgot to take off her coat scarf. After watching Mika for a while, she can add scarfs with flare. This look could be finish with a fancy or simple tie effect or a pin that wont distract.

Reviewing looks of others can help us in creating a finished look.

If you like her look, then that is a look you like and carry it with pride.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Wedding season is coming upon us. Something has happened to weddings. Stealing a line from Clark Howard: "It’s not a coronation". You are not competing with Catherine Middleton, you can’t.

Memories, that is what is important. Money isn't needed to make great memories. Your wedding needs to be as elegant as you. It is not a competition as to who can have the most elaborate dinner, the flashiest dress, the largest wedding party. Be balanced and reasonable. This is the start of your life together, being thousands of dollars in debt for a wedding is hardly a good start. The ring, nowadays is a status symbol, the bigger the better. Some say even say two month's salary. Then the honeymoon. Where would you rather spend the most money? How about when you get home to a house with no or old furniture. There is a lot to think about for sure.


My mother wanted to wear her mother's wedding dress. Isn't this a beautiful dress? Blue velvet! It is an amazing dress from 1932. My mother was not the same size as the dress so what did she do, she got married in a blue satin. She got a little bit of flack from people saying "OH you must wear white!" Let me assure all the puritans out there, as the first born child I was 2 years, 2 months and 364 days after their wedding. My grandmother in blue, her first child was 8 years later.

Our cultural tradition is not white for weddings. It’s only in the last 70 years. Then for some reason our culture likes everyone to do the same thing. It must make those who are insecure more secure to tell others what to do and have them follow.

Reese Witherspoon just married and she wore a pink dress not a white one. HELLO, she was married before. White, when it was thrust upon us was to signify purity. Now, it's an obligatory color. What color was Laura Ingalls Wilder's wedding dress? Black. What was her engagement ring? A garnet with a pearl on either side.
Doing what you like is important. If this is your day, then it should be your day. It should be dignified, elegant and respectful.

Cake Smashing

I've been to enough weddings where 'fun' was the other goal. Fun, drinking till the bride fell off the chair and couldn't get up. Oh yea that was fun. I was laughing so hard I almost fell of my chair. Oh wait that was the maid of honor and she did fall of the chair. I left my chair shortly afterwards, heading for the door. At another wedding, the groom kept kicking his brides train out of the way. What a catch.
I must admit the whole cake thing is a huge problem with me. One of the first things you're going to do is smash cake into your loved ones face? That much stress planning the wedding? My cousin did the whole cake thing perfectly. I remember when the cake was served to them people were actually chanting to smash the cake. They picked up the cake and went to feed each other, and proceed right past the face of each other and smashed the cake into the best man and maid of honor's face. If you must partake in this 'custom', this was pretty good. Granted most best men and maids of honor are family so that isn't so loving or kind either. I was at one wedding where the bride and groom actually feed each other with a fork.

There are so many points to be made, whole books have been published. I am not interested in doing more with wedding elegance. I am much more interesting in everyday elegance.

A wedding is a special event for all involved. Approach the even with elegance in mind you’ll be fine.