Monday, April 18, 2011

Sen. Charles Schumer

It seems that I have take on men as often as I do women for their bad behavior. Or at least male politians. Are we not teaching our sons how to behave like a productive member of society?

Michael Berry is very upset about the comments made by the Senator. How do you feel about them? Have you heard his comments?

New York has been awarded a space shuttle and Houston has not. Personnal I was stunned, Houston is the only natural location, in my mind.

To have the Senator come out with these comments. Then again, Michael Berry has called for a boycott of all things New York. Should the whole state of New York be punished for the words of one man? Any intelligent person who wears the childish comment from the Senator realized he made a backside of himself. Didn't we learn anything from "Freedom Fries"? Or do we all wish to make butts of ourselves?

Senator the best part of valor is not to 'rub their noses in it". Senator, when people think of NASA, they don't think of New York.

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