Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dressing your age

Public transport offers interesting people watching today was a doozy.

This lady was in front of me walking to the train. She had beautiful legs, sheer black nylons and classic low black heels. Her legs were not the first thing I noticed. Sadly,it was her gate, her stride, her walk. It was overtly manly, not a bit of gracefulness.

Then she started to run for the elevator(that still has me baffled at that move). As she started running her heals they started dragging on the ground. I'll do a post later on the horrid noise women make walking in heals, but that's later.

The rest of the outfit, well let me say this there is vintage and there is frugal but if you still can wear the same dress you bought at Fashion Bug 30 years ago - DON'T. It was not good quality to start with and now that your almost 50, it's not age appropriate.

This women looked over 50. Her hair style was early 80's and so was the dress. She obviously was interested in her appearance but she had gotten stuck in a time warp.

Dressing vintage is hard enough not to look like a cartoon character. Looking classic and timeless. I'm trying to think hard what was classic and timeless in the 1970's and 1980's. There were things but those decades were fun, hippie and over the top. Maybe in another 10 years well be able to look at those eras and find pieces like we are now with the 1960's.

We may fall in love with a decade and it's style but just as we mature as people our wardrobe must reflect that maturing. Not getting old but maturing, refining, I think is a better word, yes: I am not maturing I am refining!

With all of that one thing it was good to see someone with an interesting personal style.

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