Thursday, April 14, 2011


We've all been told a scarf adds panache.

I think the image of Mika Brzezinski shows there is more then just adding a scarf.

We all have misses. Having it pointed out is painful and embrassing especailly since I think we all know when we have a miss. To bad we dont come to that realization till about an hour after getting to our final destination. And even if no one says anything to us we just cant wait to get home and change the look and make a note never to do that look again.

There isn't anything wrong with Mika's look,for a start but it just is not finished. It actually looks like she forgot to take off her coat scarf. After watching Mika for a while, she can add scarfs with flare. This look could be finish with a fancy or simple tie effect or a pin that wont distract.

Reviewing looks of others can help us in creating a finished look.

If you like her look, then that is a look you like and carry it with pride.

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