Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wimbledon - Tradition vs "fuddy duddy"

Watching the news this week you might have heard a story or two of Wimbledon.

Tradition is very important in English society, Wimbledon included. In the linked article there are two interesting paragraphs toward the end, indicating tradition is important but technology has been embraced.

Tradition and technology do not have to be mutually exclusive. They can compliment each other. We don't have to throw away tradition to be modern, incorporating the best from the past with the best of now. Tennis whites with ball following technology is a great example.

As for the press on the ladies tennis outfits. I don't have a problem with the outfits for personal experession, but at what cost to tradition? Then the question of, Why? What are you trying to prove? I think it's a good conversation of our modern society, the good of the one being more important then the many. This also applies to this crazy grunting trend. Trying to get into the mind of our opponent? Guess what, gig is up we all know the trick!

Let's not throw out tradition with out great consideration, once it's gone it is gone and is there something better replacing it?

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