Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adios, Architectural Digest

I have been a subscriber to AD for a long time. AD and Town and Country are the only magainzes I subscribe to.

In the last few years the articles have become less interesting and more pop culture. What really was the final straw for me were the celebrities adorning the front cover month after month after month and then using those covers to sell subscriptions you get a clear picture of their "vision".
Yet another magazine taking the easy way out. I dont care about those people. How about the architects that made the vision a reality, how much space in the article to the get? And truly do we have to have the celebrity in every shot. There were the yearly specials, the before and after and the spot light on architects and designers. But this magazine over the last year or so has turned into something more of an interior designers magazine. To find a floor plan printed in the magazine made you fell like you should go an by a lottery ticket because this was your lucky day. I use to love to sit and page thru the magazine and savory the images and articles. But AD is really no different then the other magazines on the stands. And when T&C has the same type of writing and articles that AD has then why have two of the same coming into the house? And with T&C at least I have fashion. But AD, T&C might not be to far behind you. Seems their new editor is a man - I will give him a few months to see his direction, but I am tired of men telling women what we should look like, what we should ware and what we should like. T&C had female editor with female sensibilities. But like I said I will reserve judgement, for a few months.

So I will not be renewing my subscription, no matter how many 'urgent" mailers I get. When AD gets back to Architecture and its design I happily subscribe again, but in our current environment were thinking is look down upon and everything must be light and candy-like not instructive, informative and useful it will be a long wait so I wont hold my breathe.

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