Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cell phone conversation sharing?

So, here is my first post and this is a post that needs to be done, in my humble opinion. What I am about to write, is it ettiquete, common courtesy, or what-not?

Here is the scenario. Astor and I are at the local coffee/bake shop enjoying a non-typical morning. We got drinks and decided to sit down to partake of these refreshing drinks. Looking around, I notice other people also enjoying the bright and sunny morning that it was with their coffee, tea or other refreshing drink with nibbles of their choice. Here was a father and daughter chatting away, three older ladies talking away, catching up on their lives, soccor mom's and dad's with uniformed players preparing for sportsman competition. In the background, the cheery chatter of employee and patron interaction, the light sound of jazz playing for ambiance and sun shining brightly through windows clear of any and all dirt.

Then, it happens. A cell phone rings. Now, this is not the issue. Most people will answer these devices that many of us now consider as part of our daily lives in a timely manner. That is not the issue as this phone was answered. But, here this phone rings at the table with these older ladies and the conversation can be heard not only by our table, which was next to these ladies, but also beyond. Why? This conversation with the caller was placed on speaker phone. This conversation was carried on as if a fourth acquaintance had joined the table of these three ladies. Though, as some people in the mind would logically conclude that a call on speaker phone needs to have the volume of their voice raised, this added to the electronic voice emminating from this cherry red electronic doo-hicky.

Is this proper? Is this really needed for all to also have this disruption of cheery background noise of this establishement and music resonating from the speakers? No, I should say not. I am sure that many of the patrons did not enter for a pick-me-up and hope that they too can catch up on the latest gossip of these ladies. OMG!

Should this be a part of ettiquette for those that have cell phones to limit this type of conversation? I have my personal opinion about this and it say do not allow it. Though, as understanding what ettiquette is about, it is not about me or you. Rather that of a concern for others around you. I am sure these ladies are at this liquid and bake emporium to also partake in the ambiance that others also entered to do. Ladies, for your age, I wish you too had the refienement to have that respect for others.

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