Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can Washington be elegant? Don't think so

Elegance is knowledge. Integrity is elegant.

Being able to discuss with others current events and allowing others to have their due opinions comes from knowledge.

Elegance would make a women aware of what is going on in the country and to make an opinion from experiences and logic. You can change your opinions over time due to your changing experiences and with new information that comes to light.

Each person has their own view of what is going on in Washington.

Currently, there has been a lot of discussion of the procedure of government. That is the most important part, showing what they are made of.

The founding fathers signed their names to a treasonous document. They knew by signing this document it could cost them their lives.

Now congress is willing to go with "deem and pass". They are unwilling to have a yes or no attached to their name. This is the most important vote that most of these "leaders" will ever take. All they could loss is their livelihood, unlike the founding fathers.

This blog is here to shine the light of elegance onto those in Washington. Their current behavior with the light of elegance on them shows them with: a greasy mullet, cigarette butt hanging out of their mouth, a belly shirt, hot pants, shoeless with mud between their toes, no matter how polished they try to look in front of the camera.

Their behavior strongly shows just how classless they are and their lack of integrity. They have spent this week to quote Ms. Pelosi "whipping" other members. "Whipping' is convincing them to see the bill the way Ms. Pelosi wants them. What kind of 'leaders' are they if they can be "whipped" my the speaker but unmoved by those who sent them and unwilling to make an actual stand pro or con.

All is see is a lack of integrity and it is ugly.

If you have an opinion stand with that opinion. If you are a leader - lead with the mind of those your leading.

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