Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of an Era

Yesterday Yahoo had a news story about the closing of the Sahara casino.


The end of an era. We do look back on our history fondly, in some cases ideally. In this time we live looking on a thing in an idealistic manner might not be a bad thing. Why can't we keep the good from the past and add it in with the good of our time. There were bad things in old Vegas, in our history. But there is also good in both. Sadly, a lot of the bad things in our current culture are brought up us by us ie greed and self-absorption.

I think Las Vegas is an anthropologists dream. Think about the last 70 years and how Las Vegas has changed. It is a microcosm of our culture.

At one point it was cool to be in Las Vegas and the vices, now that cool is dangerous. Can you imagine someone telling anyone in the Rat Pack "Sorry sir, but you can't smoke here". Now no one can be cool anymore because that means someone has to be uncool. Everyone needs to be on the same playing field. I am wondering when the Oscars and Tony's or any award shows that are out there will be 'banned' because,"Really isn't there good in all movies? Why single out one as the best, that isn't fair?"

Las Vegas was a destination for a certain type of people looking for a certain type of experience. Due to greed and the death of unique it is now all things to all people, kind of. Is there a small, customer oriented casino that is clean, glamorous, stylish, cool? I only see mega casinos, or casino that have beyond their prime. Yes, the Sahara by all accounts was past its prime, but do we have to do away with all the history of Las Vegas? According to the news, most women are getting work done - can't we work on our buildings?

Reading the messages posted by readers we are really missing something in our modern culture. We are missing class, style, panache! We have been Walmartized. We are free to choice and we choice plain and average and accept the same in our lives and services.

Whatever happened getting dressed for dinner? Caring what you looking like to other people? How about a casino that is based on profits of happy customers and not just getting the most people it can get thru the doors? That statement is so against true capitalism, but I was hoping that in the last few years we might have learned something about greed and capitalism unbounded by intelligence, morals and integrity.

Grab a cocktail,take a seat,savor the time and remember the good.

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