Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kentucky Derby

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby.

For those that aren't southerners or never lived in the south especially in Kentucky it might be "Big Deal". Now, I went to school in Kentucky. I moved there when I was 19 and stayed for 6 years (no, it didn't take me 6 years to get thru school, in fact read the previous post, I'm still in school). I've never made it to Churchill Downs but I have been to Keeneland and I love the turf race. There is nothing like the noise and the feeling of being at a race track. I was up on "millionaire's row" and down in the center of everything. There is something in the air, an excitement. But when those horses go, the best 2 minutes in sports and they are not kidding.

The Derby is America's answer to the pomp and circumstance that we saw at the royal wedding. This is the royalty of horse racing.

Living in Seattle means I have to throw my own party or go to Emerald Downs. I am opting for throwing my own party. White linens for the table, pink and red roses, my version of Derby Pie (yes, it is trade marked) and of course hats! (thank goodness I have no idea how to make burgoo). Mint Julep's, we can't forget them, are an art form that I am must to intimidated, being a northern by birth, even though the former distiller of Makers Mark told me the recipe.

If you go to my Facebook page I have a hats album and it's open for everyone.

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