Sunday, August 7, 2011

Congress Vs. RHWoNY

Did you ever think that those two institutions would ever be compared?

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that American's credit rating had been downgraded from AAA to AA+. What? The budget was passed and the debt ceiling was raised. The reason, from what I heard from MSNBC, the rating was lowered because of the inability of those in the government to get thru this without all of the bickering. Lowering the rating because of those of in power acting like the women we see on the reunion of RHWoNY (Real Housewives of New York).

Sadly, I have to admit to watching, on demand, part two of the reunion. Sadly? Yes, I saw part one and it was like watching 15 year old girls fighting over the cute guy in class, and to think I went back for more. Did I want to see the train wreck? What does it say about me, going back for more? Did I want to see a kind resolution? Actually, I was hoping for a better outcome. Reflecting on the episode, I should have turned it off when my stomach started to churn, about half way thru.

What is so sad, you could simply replace the the women of RHWoNY with those in Congress. Put the Democrates on one side and the Republicans on the other side. The outcome would be the same.

To think these people are held up in our society and they seem to be unable to be civilized. The people in Congress are there to run the country and yet they are unable to even control their behavior. The women are held up for the money they have and the celebrity that they have been able to achieve thru the TV show, but money cant buy you....

Bravo, Andy Cohen I suggest you expand the fanchises to the Real Congressional Members of Washington DC (RCMoWDC). Why dont?

Both groups deny their actions, blame others, and call each other names. Sadly, RCMoWDC effects everyone in this country. RHWoNY effects their reputations and makes it look ok to act like children.

These two groups were and maybe still are held up as the 'elite' of this country. That is the problem. A title shouldn't given to you just because, you should be given the title for what you do (a nod to Thomas Jefferson and his desire for a meritocracy).

What have these two groups actually accomplished? How have they made this a better place to live?

The silver lining New York Times/CBS News poll show 82% of American's disapprove of how Congress is going their job. Sadly, Bravo gets it's highest rates on these reunion shows but thankfully we can laugh, roll our eyes and even turn the channel on the RHWoNYC.

Looking at them as examples we can learn a lot, a lot of how not to behave.

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