Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pippa Middleton "'She's sweet but Pippa isn't wife material': What Alex Loudon's frightfully grand family say..."


When I heard this story on the Today show, I had to go looking for the article.

I might have bruised my jaw when it hit the floor from being so appalled!

When you read the article it is understandable that all of the celebrity that has been built up around her could be so off putting as to call it quits. Not many relationships have lasted in that kind of glare.

From the Today show the comment was made his family is a 'blue blood' and are discrete. Not sure what the family expected, their son was dating the sister-in-law to the future King of England. Well, her sister was dating the future King of England.

They obviously have royal connections without Pippa but I cannot help but think, she was good enough until the spot light, now she isn't discreet? Not her fault, they may have thought the red dress was to risque, I might agree, and didn't want the press but Pippa's personality is what I think is the issue. She is vivacious, fun with a zest for life. Other reports but Alex at the opposite end of the fun spectrum.

I am sure the family is super upset that their true feelings have been splashed all over the newspapers. Seems someone in their inner circle is less than discreet.

Then again, what does "frightfully grand" mean?

Pippa seems to be the least of their worries. Can someone say "damage control"?

I am confused, then again, I am not English, titled or a blue blood.

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