Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Screaming, yelling, punching, kicking and getting falling down drunk, reality TV in a nutshell.

Yup, I’m a hater! I hate scrambling for my remote when something obnoxious, if not borderline criminal, comes up on my screen. I wouldn’t have people like this as my friends; I am certainly not inviting them into my home for 48 minutes each week.

I do watch reality TV or how else could I know what’s going, my life would be so empty. No, it wouldn’t; seriously, I do have other things in my life that really do matter(like finding a job).

So, why bother even writing the post.

Talking with most adults, they understand this behavior is unacceptable, and those perpetrating these actions are more court jesters than respected members of society. Here comes a hater comment, they are making a fabulous amount of money being fools. You have to ask yourself, what would I do for that kind of money? I also hope these people are not as foolish as they are being portrayed and have a good financial planner.

As adults, we have the skill set to look at this behavior and know it’s out of bounds. Children on the other had have not yet developed as a person, they may like these people as role models. They see this behavior as powerful, when we see it as sad.

As adults we do have a responsibility to younger people. Show them by your behavior what is acceptable, mannered, upstanding and hopefully fun and enjoyable. Give them a good in touch role model.

Reality TV isn’t going away but we have the power, called a remote.

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