Monday, January 18, 2010

Charity for Haitians

Our hearts are full of love and concern for all those who have been directly and indirectly affected by the earthquake.

When donating please use your wits and do not fill the pockets of the lowest part of humanity. Those who would take advantage of this situation to enrich their own bank accounts are below and beyond contempt. Personally, they should be hunted down and dealt with. Donate to reputable agencies. Most of the news organizations have a link; even Google has a link where you can feel safer about giving money.
When donating money thru texting, be aware that it could take almost 90 days for that money to make it thru the channels.

One more item, do you know of someone in your community with relative in Haiti? These individuals have been affected also. They have a place to lay their heads, but can they even sleep? Are they eating? How is there family? Are they still looking for family? These people need your emotional support. If you work with them, can you help with the work load that they might not now be so able to complete in a timely fashion? Do they need someone just to listen to there worries? Reach out to these people, they are feeling lost right now. Imagine if you were the only member of your family in a foreign land.

As a world community, please put aside politics and religion that normal separate us.

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