Monday, January 11, 2010


This is the first posting of Astor Adams and elegance: redefined.

This really is a niche blog. There are image consultants, stylist and those highly astute in all things etiquette. There are people to tell you which fork to use, others to tell you which cut of what clothing to wear. You even have life coaches to create the amazing life you desire. I am here more as the crowning of your achievements. You can look amazing, know your white wine glass from your red wine glass, and have your life planned out in nice little segments. A lot of people have achieved to that level, unfortunately they have not achieved to that of elegance. Why is that? That is why this blog is here.

There will be very few rules laid out here. There are enough rules in our life. Elegance is a feeling not a law.

Why is there a need to have elegance redefined? Elegance by its sheer nature is timeless and thus wouldn’t need to be redefined. That is absolute correct. What we have now are forces in media and culture that are looking to define elegance as something that everyone can obtain, in short to cheapen the word. In the last 5 years the words; “class”, “classy”, “lady” and even “diva” have been hijacked by people who simply believe that by laying claim to the word means they are, by their mere existence, the embodiment of that word. Words do have meaning and that meaning over time can change. Just as Emily Post has updated her books to reflect our changing times, the word elegant hasn’t changed its meaning, but the strategies are different then 50 years ago. It is no longer only those of the “upper set”, the privileged few which can attain to the mystic of elegance.

Between the words classy and elegant – what is the difference? I would much rather have someone say to me that I am elegant then to hear I am classy. Which would you rather hear?

I leave you for now with that question. I leave it open to members of the blog to respond.

Over the next weeks and months, I will post on current events and open a dialog to see your views. Along the way I will define or in some case redefine into our 21st century the elegance that all women, with a desire, can display.


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