Monday, January 11, 2010

Introducing Brooks

As you see there is a contributing blogger Brooks Forrester. Brooks is the ying to the yang. Brooks will contribute differing views points at times and other times there may be a comment from Brooks pertaining to something particularly irritating that the rest of us can contribute a comment.

Two voices can make for a much more interesting read and multiple view points make a lively community.




I am not sure if I am the ying or the yang. We hope that we can share what we have seen that is just, how should I say it, not kosher to be seen. Like those sweat pant clad, fake blond, plastic manicured "women" going to the store for milk. puh-lease!!! Astor and I may or may not see things eye to eye, though we hope we can shed light on being more elegant. So, enjoy elegance in this era.


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