Sunday, December 12, 2010


Enough is enough. This week has had to many errors in the news, by those who should know better.

Mrs. Edwards has passed, Prince Charles had his car attacked and most Christians believe this is the birth time of Jesus. What do the three of these news stories have in common? They show the lack of skill of the English language to those in the media. I am not a journalist, reporter or any such. I am only a blogger. My career depends on good communications - in fact most careers require good communication, but when your career is communications these errors are unacceptable.

We're talking about how to pluralize a word that ends in 's'.

The first, when written it is s' ie. Jesus' birth, Prince Charles' car, Elizabeth Edwards' funeral. Not," Jesuses", Prince "Charles's" or Mrs." Edwardss". Nor is it pronounced as the later. When you say Jesus' birth it is said Jesus birth. Prince Charles' car was attacked, stated as Prince Charles car was attacked. What is really unbelievable is that spell check knows that Jesuses is not the correct plural, so how are these reporters able to get copy out with that error?

I have seen this grammatical error in magazines also such as Architectural Digest (another reason I am not renewing my subscription).

How is it 1. that the writers are not schooled properly 2. where are the proofreaders?

My other huge issue with grammar is co-conspirator. Really?! Its takes two to conspire there is no co anything. You are just conspiring.

English is a living language, that doesn't mean you can make up your own rules and still look educated.

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