Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Test

I am having to practice what I preach - kinda. I always try to look for the best in a situation. Well, I am trying, trying very hard and well, still trying.

I travel a bit for work and I am San Jose for a meeting at my office. It is nice that my boss has brought all the travelers' together for a meeting for team building. But they selected the hotel that we were to stay in. I am very sure they are unaware of the ick factor of this hotel.

I stayed here 3 months or so ago and it has gone down hill since then. It has been bought out from being a Holiday Inn to some unknown brand.

How bad can it really be Astor? Hum.... I only have one bar of soap - One. Not one bar for my hands and a bath gel for the shower, just one bar of soap for my hands and for the morning shower.

My garden view is - of a parking lot!!! Now, how do I say this without offending certain people in our country, but a car in my yard has never been considered art for a garden, in my view. I know if I say anything I will get the comment that I have a balcony that is what the garden view is. But that's not a view that is an amenity, kinda. Remember its a parking lot - I might end up with carbon monoxide poisoning.

The room does have coffee maker - not that the coffee is even drinkable, oh the Seattlites and their snobby coffee. I have no idea what brand it is but it tastes like color water.

I have yet to even discuss the cleanliness of the room. HUM, when was it vacuumed. The tiles in the bathroom and the entrance way when was the last time they saw anything more abrasive then the bottom of a shoe. My white socks I am afraid will never be white again even with two washes in bleach.

My co-worker, he does have a view of the center courtyard. That is good especially since it is his first trip to San Jose.

I will not be staying at this hotel - if I ever have a choice in the matter. But for now I have to "endure" this hotel. A one star is just to nice to give this hotel. To place a complaint with this hotel will be useless. They obviously dont care for the guests only the money that they bring in. You know this is Silicon valley, I wouldn't have expect a trashy hotel in this area - but then again Silicon valley maybe everyone is just telecommuting and doing

And to think the last hotel I was in was in Las Vegas at the Palazzo, yes it feels like from heaven to ($##.

Yes, I am tired so that will be a contributing factor to 'meanness". I had to turn the heat on and the noise and whining from the machine is the only thing louder and longer then my whining.

I have to go and get ready for the day because sitting here writing this, the smell of musty old carpet is getting to be to much.

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