Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mani (cont.)

It seems Brooks did not like the last post. Brooks felt it was to long and that I missed the point. So, why doesn't Brooks post? To many projects, so its now up to me to take another shot at mani's.

Basically, its not the French Manicure, but it's when you have acrylic nails that are not formed beautifully or have not been maintained and are to long. The color or design isn't so much the point.

We had seen a women sitting near us this weekend and Brooks and I had the conversation about her manicure. She had acrylic nails that were so built up and not formed they almost looked more like eagles talons. The white section of the manicure looked wider then the natural finger and longer then the nail bed. You could also see that she hadn't been to salon in weeks because of the nail growth. People do notice these things. Having your nails manicured shouldn't draw attention to your hands it should be a compliment to your hands.

Brooks - I hope that this post is more precise and to your liking.

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