Monday, February 22, 2010

Mrs. Obama has great arms but ...

Mrs. Obama is know for her sculpted arms.

Her inaugural gown was beautiful and showed off her great arms. But her posture was distracting. Mrs. Obama is tall for a women, and it looks like she is uncomfortable with that height by her posture. I can imagine she would be uncomfortable with her height, but her shoulders roll forward.

You can stand very straight but the shoulders need to be addressed in any good posture. Drawing your shoulder blades together is the first step to get the shoulders out of that rounded look. Its a simple exercise but to remember to do it and make it a habit and then your regular look will take effort and time.

When you have your shoulders in the correct position along with posture you look more elegant. Just putting on an amazing dress is the first start. With a beautiful dress like Mrs. Obama's you would also do you hair, make-up, pick the perfect shoes, handbag and wrap, but dont forget the posture. How straight is the spine? Is the hip bone in line with the ankles when standing? Are the should blades back (remember "chest out")? The neck, are the ears in line with the shoulders and the head isn't jutting out? Stand with you heals against the wall, your shoulders, elbows and back of the head should all have contact with the wall.

Posture is the one of the pieces of elegance that doesn't cost anything.

So, here we are redefining elegance, the first lady in an interview wearing a sleeveless shirt. For years that would be considered a 'no-no'. So what does Mrs. Obama have in common with the female news anchor on Fox news? The sleeveless shirts. For years sleeveless shirts / dresses were considered either for formal wear or for casual summer wear. Now you see the first lady doing an interview in one and the Fox news anchors, with a snow storm going on behind them, wearing sleeveless shirts. Is this style business like? Our world is changing fast, and what is acceptable is changing also.

For a long time and actually even now, fashion experts will tell women to put a jacket or sweater over the sleeveless shirt when your in a business environment. I would like to agree with this. Mrs. Obama on vacation or working in the garden in the summer show off those arms or at an evening formal. But during interviews and daytime events please dress more business like. The same goes to the female Fox reporters. We all know that female journelist on TV have to be attractive, but Fox takes it to a new level. They have intelligent and smart women, that for some reason, dress unprofessional. Low cut shirts, sleeveless shirts (seeing that during the NYC snow storm was funny and inappropriate) and mini skirts are common attire for these women and I've never been able to figure out why so overtly skimpy clothing on such intelligent women on a 'conservative' news channel. But times are changing, I guess its ok for the sleeveless fashion to occur as long as the men dont pick it up as acceptable fashion during work.

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