Monday, February 15, 2010

Seattle, Don't outsource our safety

In my zeal and anger, my post as a few factual errors.
The first error was there were 3 not 2 "security"guards. Second, these workers are employed not by the city but by a private agency. Third, the 2.7 billion dollar shortfall is not Seattle but the state of Washington.
Now that I fixed those errors my point still stands. 3 adults could or were told not to step in and help a young girl. How do these people sleep? Behavior as displayed by the security guards and the friends of the people charged with theft are poster children for what has gone wrong in our society. Friends of the attackers or alleged attackers claim we dont know the whole story. I dont need to know the whole story. This was a cowardly attack, multiples on one! Then to continue the beating when she was down shows no moral character. So I dont need to know the rest of the story what I saw is enough. What did this girl do that could be so horrible to beat like that. She insulted your ego?
I am mad, very mad at this behavior. Seattle now has police officers in the tunnel. In the mean time we who take public transport have to be fearful with the knowledge that if some punk takes a liking to our watch or bag or phone, we have no helper in the security guards or other passangers. Things dont mean anything, give them what they want, but we still must be concerned if this thug for his jollies will now commence on beating us. There is a much bigger problem that has presented itself - safety. Robberies happen but beating after wards, the security guards we placed there for a reason but they were left impotent by the mandates of the company that hired them.
Seattle save the some money FIRE that company, HIRE trained police officers. How about cadets for the state police? These minimum wage jobs are not effective. No one in their right mind would step in as their job to risk their life. People risk their lives to help others because they are great people you cant pay for greatness but you can pay for complacency.

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