Thursday, February 11, 2010

Step Up

I love Seattle. So when watching the news yesterday I see a story about a beating in the bus tunnel. I don't like riding the bus in Seattle. Every time I have ridden the bus it was frightening. I know of someone who reported a disturbance on the bus and the driver made my friend who reported the disturbance get off the bus. The person causing the disturbance was a metro worker. Well, now the city has another problem with city workers.

These "security" guards stood and watched as a young girl was beaten to the ground then had her head stomped. What did these workers do? Noticed I called then workers because their behavior was inhuman. These workers WATCHED the beating. To be fair the one worker, after at least three kicks to the girls head walked over and told her to stop. Oh big deal.

The majority of people in Seattle are kind and wonderful people, this is not the general behavior. This is a sub culture. The scary thing is this sub culture now seems to have people working in the metro.

Fights have always happened remember "West Side Story"? The difference now are the camera's and a 24 hour news cycle.

These workers, yes two of them, had the security vests on. What good is it to pay these people. Seattle has a 2.7 billion dollar budget problem, here's an idea, their job is just symbolic so who needs metro security. Extreme yes, but those two workers, showed what kind people they are and as a citizen I don't want to pay people salaries that wont help another person when they are "civil servants".

Something is wrong with Seattle Metro, my friend reported the bus driver to the metro for his improper behavior and just like the "security" guards, customer service did nothing. Yes with the budget short fall - lets take a look at the metro and see how many people we really need and how much money we can save by getting rid of those non-workers.

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