Monday, April 12, 2010

Exiting a Car

Its great fun to read Perez Hilton. Lately, there have been a few post of celebrities getting out of cars giving the pappo's a "great" shot. This is a really problem for a lot of celebrities. Let us learn from their mistakes.

Getting out of a car wearing a skirt / dress is different then when in jeans. I've seen posts telling women how to get out of a car. I am pretty sure no women needs to be told to duck when she is exiting and there is no "lead leg".

The whole issue is really your feet. Your feet should touch the ground at the same time. One item to note, its much easier to exit a car with leather seats then fabric.

The whole point after the door is opened for you or you open the door, turn you body in the seat toward you direction of travel. Keeping you knees together swing both legs out of the car and place both feet on the ground. Then everyone gets to check out your shoes! With both feet firmly on the ground and not in a puddle, take the hand, if one has been offered, if not push forward (this depends on you leg and butt strength) with the arms into a standing position.

Entering a car is about the same. Your butt is the first thing in the car onto the seat, knees together and draw the feet in to place on the floor board.

This is such a graceful way of entering and exiting a car and its a very beautiful dance. Your shoes and legs are then are on display and not your underwear.

Yes, this same 'dance' can be performed in and out of a limo. Just because you have more room to exit doesn't mean you need to use it.

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