Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Turn

O. K. this blog isn't going in the direction I really wanted it to go.

I wanted it to shine a light on what is elegant and what is not, how to add a bit of beauty into your everyday life with a touch of humor. I haven't achieved this. When I reread my blogs I really am missing the humor. Brooks adds humor, but not me. So I am very annoyed with my communication skills right now. Plus, I am thinking I should share more about my daily life. I will still comment on the crazy things I see and save some of the other points for the book I'm writing.

Actually, the book I was writing. I stopped writing it when I went back to proofread and I realized I was bored reading it and it sounds more like a nagging, stuffy auntie. The book is still sitting in the computer folder (aka. shelf). The blog is more of my testing grounds.

Writing a book has been a dream of mine but when I started the proofreading it was horrible. Who knew books were that hard to write - every author in the world I'm sure.

I don't make a living writing (don't quit your day job) but being laid off I now have all kinds of time. But the emotional dealings of being laid off has made me feel very inelegant. So writing the book has been put on hold.

When I was laid off I never realized how much of a toll it would take on my psyche. I really don't "feel" the book like I did. I now am much more focused on going to school for my MBA and starting a new business, plus looking for a full time job. Now more then ever I believe I need beauty and elegance in my life but even more then that is humor.

Well that is where I am. That is where this blog is. I am going to address more of my "fight" with these negative emotions that are stealing my elegance and humor.

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