Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rant - Target (rather long post - very annoyed)

I used to love Target, but now not so much. I believe they are taking advantage of this recession.

When I first started shopping at Target in my small town it was a great alternative to Walmart (dont get me started on Walmart and how they are single handedly killing elegance for cheap and yes I mean cheap products and averageness). Target was modern, updated and may I say cool stuff for a decent price. They even were noted, years ago, to have a Polo shirt that lasted as well as ones costing 4x's as much.

But now they have lost that edge. Yes, they have new designers for clothing and house wares to keep that "coolness' factor. But walking thru the clothing section, the items look cheap! Badly made and wrinkled. Which shows they dont care they just want the money.

This might be just the Target's in my area but they are a mess. Shoes in the aisle's, shirts unfolded and thrown into a pile on the display table. That is just the beginning. Why does Target have that horrible throw back to K-mart 20 years ago with that "food court" at the entrance. Retailers know scents in the air have a very strong effect on sales. The only effect walking into Target gives me is with that odor is to "yack".

One of the prime ideas of elegance has nothing to do with money. Its has to deal with quality. The better the quality the less you need and the longer you can have an item. You buy a great coat made well cut in classic pattern you'll have it a long time. Target's fashion approach is cheap. That you'll buy accent pieces to update your wardrobe know full well that the items they are selling will not last more then one season. That is not eco-friendly for sure. What good is it to buy that cute dress that you can only wear one season, that costs you the same as a dress at the mall? Plus the cut of their designers is only for one body type.

Next all of the Target brand products. I will never buy Target brand products. They are so badly made to use them takes twice as much product then a national brand.

On top of that, the selection has fallen off to 3 competing brands. If you want something "out of the ordinary" forget it. I went looking for canning items - they dont exist at Target. Need rock salt for the ice maker you purchased at Target, you're out of luck. Then when looking for an item they do carry good luck, because I've been in B level targets that had empty shelves most of the time!

Dont bother complaining to Target corporate or even the store manager. They will defend their bad behavior. What else are we to expect? HUM - look into it. But then again why - people are in need of products that cost less. So they have them coming in why give quality?

Seems Target see's the recession as a way to cut quality, cut inventory and cut selection. As a consumer all I can do is cut Target out of my list of acceptable shopping stores.

I havn't sent foot in a Walmart for YEARS. Doing the same to Target isn't going to be a problem since I have local stores that have the same type of product at the same price in a cleaner environment.

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