Monday, April 19, 2010

Rant - Fox News and the Unemployed

Its been very hard for me since I was downsized and to hear these so called experts on Fox News business block declaring "Why would people want to find a job when the government keeps extending unemployment" in some states up to 99 weeks. I'll tell you something, most people that watch Fox are hard working people and you forgot that. Those people, myself included, want to work. We spend hours and hours looking for work to the point that some of us are now starting our own business and others going back to school. I am streaming angry at that comment on Fox as if all the unemployed are lazy and looking to get something free from the government.

Personally, I am highly skilled, but in this environment I am see jobs that only required a BA or BS now requiring a MS. Companies know that there are a lot of people looking. So they only want the best (understandably) but they are now requiring skills that they never before had and when things do get better these people that are in these jobs with these great skills and education will jump ship for better pay when things get better. These companies are looking for the best buy paying for mediocre. I've heard some jobs getting 700 applications. A collegue just posted on craigslist and he got 150 resumes the first day (Friday). This job was for an industrial drafter / designer. He got architects sending in resumes. He had 200 resumes by Monday. I talked with him and he said the reason he didn't call me about the job was he didn't want to insult me working at a job I did 10+ years ago. I said I need to work for my dignity and my sanity. Fox News doesn't get that. They think everyone is out to take it easy and get whatever they can for free.

When I posted on Facebook I was a little more colorful in my verbiage, maybe not elegant, but you know their comment showed a lack of intelligence and a lack of understanding. I still have a lot of fight in me, and when someone tries to say I am a leach on society that fight becomes pin point focused to defend my dignity. Some say "Why waste it on Fox?" Its not a waste, this is a way for me to feel like I am still contributing just not in the same way I was.

Way to go Fox News Business block - insult the unemployed that watch your show. Fair and balanced - not in that segment.

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