Thursday, March 10, 2011

Business, cells phones and dinner

Business travel can be dull and uneventful, defiantly not glamorous. Sure it would be if I had a personal assistant to pack and unpack for me, a driver to get me to the hottest places in town. But I am not a rock start or a Rockefeller, so travel is what it is.

Yesterday was different and very pleasant. I had two tour guides. A client and her BF offered to show me the town. I considered it and even asked if it would be appropriate. After getting the go ahead from my firm, I had a most enjoyable evening.

There was one thing, other than the extreme kindness, that I noticed. These people are both high up in the company, VP and director. But, never once did either of them excuse themselves from the dinner table to take a phone call. I now the BF got at least 3 calls during the evening. He let them go to vmail. That was stunning to me. It would have been fine with me if he had excused himself and took the calls but he and my client spent the evening with me. They gave up their evening to show me their city. They made me feel that I was the most important event at that time. Now, that is one classy couple.

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