Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was watching Joe in the Morning on MSNBC. The only reason I think I torture myself by doing this is to get my blood boiling to get me up and out of bed.

They had Sarah Brokaw on promoting her new book "Foutytude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your life -- through 40s, 50s and Beyond". PHEW, Now that is a title.

You would think that from Mika Brzezinski after you hit forty, your life is over. Such a simpleton. It's easy to blame your age for the fact you didn't get the promotion. It's easy to blame your age that you're not getting the looks you did when you were 26. It's just too easy and too limiting.

Not getting the looks or attention you did at 26? Have you taken a long hard look in the mirror? Sorry, but crocs aren't sexy and neither is nagging. Worry about your life, let others live theirs. Your life needs your attention right about now.

Lets analyze this, you didn't get the promotion and the younger women did. How much new education do you have? Did you have the feeling of entitlement? Are you hard to get along with? Are you angry? Mika, that is aimed directly at you. People dont want to be around angry, entitled women who have 'let themselves go" and no Mika I don't think you've let yourself go.

It's much harder to look at yourself, to take hold of your life and move forward then it is to blame your age or that everyone around you is ageist.

You think the younger women got the promotion because she is young and beautiful. It might be that way. So, what are you going to do? Look for a better job? Start your own business? Go and get more education? Get a makeover? Look inside yourself and that hurts. Bitter ugly women don't succeed. Life isn't fair. But you are in control of your life or you should be.

Some women I see that are turning 40, they have lost themselves. They spent so much time at their job and raising the family that they forgot they were human and not machines. When life starts settling down around 40ish they can take a breath and they look around and they ask 'what happened to my life, this isn't what I thought it would be. Look at me - I'm old" and now they are super sensitive to being 40 something.

The biggest issue is you. You listen the culture and let the culture tell you how to behave. You let yourself go. You settled into a life - you didn't make a life. It's you, but that is the hardest point. YOU

The most amazing women I know are over 40. They are fabulous. Some are mothers and business owners other are in entertainment. But they work at being themselves. They see its their life and they are going to live their life not someone else life. Women in the 20's might be nice to look at, but try holding a conversation. They arn't fully baked yet. They have interesting view points, I'm not belittling them and we need young women in our lives for a full life experience.

Ask most women over 40 would they want to 26 again? No, being older has its benefits.

Don't limit yourself. Age is a number not an indicator of vitality. Youthfulness is a mindset not a number.

Go into your closet get that pencil skirt, those heels, get your mascara and your lipstick on, now walk with your shoulders back head high -fake it till you make it. You want attention that will get you attention, especially if trip going up the stairs - no really, men like to look at pretty things, just like women like to look at pretty things so why not be a pretty thing. Show the world you care about you just as you care about the world. Give the world something pretty to look at, give it some color from the grey drab world we live in.

40, is not the end, it's not the beginning, thank God, I dont want to do it all over again, I like my experiences but I want more so "Here's to Life!"

You are in control and it's a process not a destination.

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