Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Place For Proper Attire

I had to go to court earlier this week. As a citizen, it was my right, and duty, to go even thought it was a waste of my time. I got up early in the morning. Showered and got all dressed up in very nice attire. Traveled for an hour to the courthouse on the opposite side of the county.

I walked into the court room and sat down. I was one of the first ones there. I observed the prosecuting attorney in a nice pant suit with make up well done. After a while, a lawyer came in and sat down. Though not a full matching suit, he was dressed with what I think is proper attire for the building that he was in.

As the time for the morning session to start, people started to file in. The attire that I observed was deplorable! Anything from dirty sneakers and ripped jeans to hats on sideways (which were removed to the judges demand for three different people). Is this really respect for the officials and to the building that these people are in?

Quite frankly, I felt rather uncomfortable sitting there in my suit in the court of law.

Later at home I observed on the news video of people going into job fair. And strangely, these people were better dressed than those pleading there case in court for child custody, traffic tickets and fraud. I understand that you want to impress a potential employer in this economy with how you look since many times you are judged immediately visually, than verbally.

I have also observed this undignified attire for those going to church. Yes, your god may know who you are as a spiritual person. Why not show this outwardly. Not just roll out of bed into pants that are conveniently on the floor. Let alone these flannel PJ looking bottoms. Show to us that you respect the places you are in!

What's the deal here? Is this not out of respect in a court of law, job opportunity or place of worship to be well dress? I understand that you may not be able to afford a suit. Have good looking chinos and a button up shirt. They are not expensive. At the very least, jeans that have no holes and properly belted and a shirt tucked in. Even the prisoners that were led in were better dressed in there city blue jumpsuits or county orange jumpsuits.

Is not being elegant part of properly and respectfully dressing for the occasion?

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