Friday, March 4, 2011

A tale of two shows

Who is more elegant Larry the Cable Guy or Real Housewife of Miami the publisher of Venue magazine).

My vote it Larry the Cable Guy!

WHAT!? I think I heard the collective gasp!

I was wondering how I would blog about Larry the cable guy. He has a new show 'Made in America". I was very impressed that he actually went to Emily Post's institute or headquarters.He met with her family. He is a comedian but he didn't belittle them or manners. He made fun of himself. I was very impressed that he hasn't made fun of anyone during his show at any of the places that he visited. To see him dealing with manners and a makeover - imagine jeans and a shirt with sleeves. He was, as always, Larry the comedian. Emily Post's family were very gracious to Larry, they were kind and laughed at his jokes. They seemed to me to be stuffy, but that might happen to anyone sharing a screen with Larry they would come off 'dull' or stuffy.

A comment I heard on the next show sent me into orbit. I was so incensed. Brooks had to warn me not to type so hard,( I was using Brooks' computer! ) to write my notes for the blog. RHoM (Real Housewives of Miami) is that latest offering of the franchise from Bravo.

The publisher of Venue had the.. (I cant even think of the appropriate word that wouldn't make me sound like a sailor...)to call her readers "lower people" OMG! This "lady" if it wasn't for the "lower people" reading and spending their hard earned money you wouldn't have any a magazine. I am so upset to hear this women make that comment how horrible, just how horrible. Listen lady, you need to kiss the feet of these "lower people" because they are the reason you have this "high life". But that comment honey is forever. Unless you do something to prove that isn't the real you, you will forever be that sick women!

This women is less than a women and less elegant then Larry the Cable Guy. I bet you couldn't even figure out how he is a better human being then you. Why, because he doesn't see "lower people" he is better than I am right now. You sicken me - "lower people". How are they lower? You produce a magazine to show them they life that they will never have, that you wouldn't let them into if they weren't wearing the 'it' designer. He would never say that about anyone. He has a sense of humor of who he is, but on his show he's never said something horrid as Alexa. He might look like a field hand but he understands people, graciousness and kindness. He wouldn't judge people based on having money or not having money.Money doesn't really matter, let's remember though, Larry is a millionaire.

The above two paragraphs we composed in the heat of the moment. I would like edit them, but I can't. I feel this deeply. Women and ladies would never say what Alexa did about a group of people. Especially since those people are who have given you the life you lead. Could she have misspoken. Yes, we can give her that benefit of the doubt. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt but I am having such a hard time doing that.

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